As you can see in the image below Maple Ridge is a beautiful place filled with parks other fantastic sights. The community is filled with great people, families and businesses. I have also included government statistics and compiled the most recent demographic data for Maple Ridge and described it below so you can get an idea of exactly what the numbers say.

Population and Growth

People in Maple Ridge park

Year Population
2011 76,052
2006 68,949
2001 63,169
1996 56,173
1991 48,322
1986 36,023
1981 32,232
1976 29,462
1971 24,476

The population of Maple Ridge as of the most recent census was 76,052. This figure puts the community at the 16th most populous municipality in the province and the 72th nationally.

Between 2006 and 2011, the population of Maple Ridge increased by 10.3 percent. Compared to Canada’s national growth of 5.9 percent, Maple Ridge has a much higher than average rate of growth. Between 1971 and 2001, the compound annual growth rate was 3.2 percent, higher than the GVRD area’s 2.1 percent over the same period. By 2040, the population is expected to grow to around 132,000.

With 266.78 square kilometres of total land area, the population density is around 285 persons per square kilometre.

Family and Household Statistics

According to the Census Program definitions, 21,700 families lived in Maple Ridge in 2011. Of these, 71 percent were married couples, 13 percent were common law families and 16 percent were lone-parent families. In total, common law and married couples made up 59 percent of the municipality’s population. 53 percent of married and common-law couples had children aged 24 or under living in their home.

26 percent of Maple Ridge residents were considered single. 14 percent were considered separated, widowed or divorced.

Looking at households, 33 percent were coupled families with children, 28 percent were coupled families living without children, 11 percent were lone-parent households, 22 percent were one-person households and 3 percent were multi-family households. 60 percent of Maple Ridge residents live in single-detached homes.

The benchmark home value in Maple Ridge for a single-detached home is $459,200. The average rental fee for a two-bedroom facility is $922 per month.


The average family income in Maple Ridge is $100,489 and the average per-capita income is $33,638. There are around 37,665 people in the labour force, with 335,000 within a 30-minute commute.

The unemployment rate for the region — not specific to Maple Ridge — is 7.3 percent.

Top employers in the area by percentage of the workforce include (in descending order): retail trade, health care and social assistance, manufacturing, construction, and educational services.

Top employers by staff size (in descending order):

  • School District #42 – 1,673
  • Ridge Meadows Hospital – 1,343
  • District of Maple Ridge – 610
  • Overwaitea Food Group – 495
  • Target Corp. – 250


People talking in Maple Ridge

86.5 percent of the Maple Ridge population is of European descent. 2.7 percent are either First Nations or Métis, 2.5 percent are South Asian, 2.3 percent are mainland Chinese, 1.2 percent are Filipino, and 1 percent is Black. In total, the minority population of Maple Ridge is 10.7 percent.

Finding Maple Ridge Homes for Sale

Anyone looking to live in our community based on these Maple Ridge demographics can find desirable properties through our home listings.

1 – Census subdivision of Maple Ridge
2 – Demographic Analysis and Population and Housing Projection for Maple Ridge

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