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In our effort to tell the complete history of Maple Ridge, here is the city’s story, from incorporation to the present:

The Beginnings

The story of Maple Ridge, B.C. starts with its incorporation way back in 1874. A group of pioneering settlers in the area gathered on John McIver’s farm to discuss the incorporation of their regional community. Much of the development around the Vancouver area during this time was the result of clearcutting and the logging industry. Secondary businessmen moved in, offering services ranging from groceries and pharmaceuticals to banking.

At the time of Maple Ridge’s incorporation, only 50 families lived in the area. Shipping down the Fraser River provided lucrative opportunities to the burgeoning merchant and investor class, and the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway line starting in 1882 only opened up development further.

In this era, one name came to predominate the business and development of the Maple Ridge section of the Fraser Valley, and that name was Haney. Thomas Haney was a businessman from Ontario who obtained a fair amount of savings from working in the brickyard trade. Taking knowledge from a brickyard business in Ontario where he was a partner, he began to develop riverfront property that came to be known as Haney’s Landing.

Haney reinvested much of his proceeds into the area, funding a local waterworks and donating land to churches. Around these businesses grew Port Haney, aided by traffic through the Fraser and also by way of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Growth and Development

Even with all these advances, travel from Maple Ridge was limited because of a lack of public roads. 1915 was the year that Maple Ridge was finally connected to New Westminster, all thanks to the Pitt River Bridge and River Road.

After World War II, the Lougheed Highway was begun, opening development further into Maple Ridge and inviting new residents. An influx of French and Asian migrants flocked to the area, looking to live underneath the beautiful mountains of the Golden Ears. As the population continued to increase into the 1960s, subdivisions were built to house the incoming families. The Pitt Meadows Regional Airport was completed in 1963.

Maple Ridge in the Modern Era

Maple Ridge’s status as an economic appendage of the Greater Vancouver Metro area was cemented in the early 1990s when the West Coast Express commuter line began offering service to the city. In 1995, the city became a part of Metro Vancouver proper.

The 2009 opening of the new Golden Ears Bridge and the reconstructed Pitt River Bridge provided unprecedented access across the Fraser Valley and through other nearby areas of Vancouver. As our city grows, we only expect it to become more amazing and more refined as a cultural, community-oriented hub in the Fraser Valley.

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