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Nestled between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears mountain range, Maple Ridge is one of the most idyllic communities in all of British Columbia. Offering its citizens an unbeatable combination of natural beauty, recreation opportunities and city services, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to move to Maple Ridge every single day. In fact, I’m so convinced of Maple Ridge’s dedication to it’s residents that I’ve lived and worked here for over 24 years. However, during my long realty career, I’ve learned that there’s a lot more that goes into the decision to move to a new community than just the location.

One of the first questions a lot of my clients have is in regards to the local government and utilities of Maple Ridge, and how easy these systems are to navigate. Read on to learn more about Maple Ridge’s utilities and municipal government, and find out how I can help you move to this friendly, exciting community.

Meet Your Mayor and City Council

The heart of any great town is its city council, and the city council that works for the people of Maple Ridge is second to none. Made up of seven members—six council persons and the mayor—Maple Ridge’s city council holds regular meetings to address the concerns of the town’s residents and to help the city of Maple Ridge continue on the road to prosperity.

At every council meeting, there is a question section where citizens of Maple Ridge can make their voices heard, giving everyone the opportunity to be an active member of the community. Additionally, residents who can’t make a meeting in person have the opportunity to stream council meetings online.

More than any other community, Maple Ridge seeks to ensure that every resident feels involved in the governance of the town.

Water Supply Stations and Sewage

From the interactions I’ve had with customers over the years, I’ve learned that one of the main concerns people have when moving to a new town is related to getting the kind of safe, reliable water services that they’re used to. I guarantee that every new resident to Maple Ridge will be immediately impressed with the city’s high-level focus on providing clean water for all of its citizens, dedicating multiple city services to maintaining the town’s water supply.

Most major tasks related to Maple Ridge’s water are handled by the Waterworks, a city department that monitors the water supply for safety. They install both residential and commercial applications and repair broken mains to keep systems running smoothly.

On top of the typical services provided by the Waterworks, Maple Ridge provides bulk water fill stations and standpipes for all the city’s residents who have permits, as well as maintaining storm drains and the city wide sewage system to ensure the safety of those who live in the area.

Keeping the City Clean

Another important part of moving to a new city is learning about the garbage and recycling services provided by the city’s government, and this is another area where Maple Ridge truly shines. Maple Ridge views waste clean-up as a community effort, which is why we encourage citizens to be a part of the Adopt-a-Block program, where everyday Maple Ridge residents commit to maintaining the beauty of their community.

Although citizens of Maple Ridge are required to handle their own waste removal, the city provides a number of convenient drop-off options, including recycling and organic disposal centers.

Similar to the removal of waste, Maple Ridge also has rules and services in place for the disposal of typical lawn debris, such as lawn trimmings and brush chippings. The city partners with the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society for the pick-up of any brush chippings and lawn trimmings that residents may accumulate, which can be handled in the same manner as the general organic waste mentioned above.

As you can see, the city of Maple Ridge wants all of its citizens to be invested in the continuing beauty of the community, providing simple ways for the removal and disposal of virtually every kind of waste imaginable.

Maintaining and Beautifying the Roads

Even though Maple Ridge offers its citizens a number of convenient, reliable public transportation options, a prime responsibility of any city government is to maintain the roads and streets to make sure all of the town’s people can get around safely. Maple Ridge’s Roads and Traffic department does everything necessary to maintain the quality of the city’s streets, including performing regular maintenance such as: asphalt patching, bridge repair and protecting motorists from snow and ice buildup during the winter months.

In concert with general safety measures, the city also mows all roadsides and keeps the shoulders clear of debris, both for safety purposes and in the efforts of maintaining the aesthetics of the city.

Property Taxes and Fees for Living in Maple Ridge

Possibly the main purpose of local government is the collection of property taxes and various fees that are necessary for the continued functioning of the city. Like most communities, living in Maple Ridge requires paying both property taxes and fees. Some of the most common fees residents of Maple Ridge can expect to encounter can include energy fees such as gas and electrical, building permit fees and plumbing fees.

Property taxes are due in July of each year, and a break down of what city services these taxes are used for can be found with the Maple Ridge City government. Also, for the convenience of Maple Ridge citizens, there are numerous payment options, including online.

Move to Maple Ridge with the Help of a Maple Ridge Realtor

Anyone looking for a new home in an area that is dedicated to its citizens in every single way possible must seriously consider moving to Maple Ridge. Possibly British Columbia’s premier town, the local government of Maple Ridge is committed to providing its citizens with the highest quality services and utilities possible.

I’ve lived in this community for over two decades and can personally verify how truly amazing Maple Ridge is. If learning about Maple Ridge’s utilities and local governance has piqued your interest, then contact me today at Maple Ridge Real Estate so we can start the process of moving you to this welcoming community.


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