5 Home Maintenance Tasks To Tackle This Summer

The summer sun is out and people are emerging from their winter withdrawals to enjoy the warmer weather and anticipate the summer fun that lies ahead. But before you prepare for your first outdoor gathering, you want to make sure that the cold winter hasn’t taken a toll on your home and yard. Learn how to boost your Maple Ridge real estate’s value and appearance, and prevent future costly repairs, by following these must-do summer maintenance tasks.

Smoke Detectors

As the first line of defence against tragedies such as a home fire or a carbon-monoxide leak, your alarm should be top priority for this year’s maintenance list. Battery operated detectors should be tested monthly, and batteries replaced every six months to ensure proper function. Hardwired detectors are more secure but should still be tested regularly to prevent any avoidable home incidents.

Lawn and Garden

Summer is a time for cookouts, friendly gatherings and outdoor activities. You will want your home and yard to be a welcoming retreat for family and guests alike. To start, make sure your lawn is green and lush — and your garden trimmed and insect free. Regularly mowing your lawn and trimming away stubborn weeds will help to keep your lawn and garden looking its best. Additionally, regular lawn maintenance will help to keep insects and pests at bay.

Exterior Paint

Painting is probably the most important thing you will need to do if you wish to keep the appearance of your house as appealing as possible. The paint on the outside of your home is constantly exposed to the elements throughout the year, and therefore may begin to chip and show wear. The exterior of a house is recommended to be touched up or repainted every five years, and doing so will not only keep your home looking nice, but boost your overall curb appeal. So whether you are looking to retouch a few faded areas or repaint your home to give it an entirely new personality, you can’t go wrong.

Deck and Patio

Grilling, socializing, games and dancing, warm summer days, cool nights. Decks and patios are a place of gathering where many heart-warming and fun memories are made. You will want to take proper care and provide the maintenance needed to make sure you will have a place to make memories for years to come. Being exposed to the elements year round takes its toll on patios and decks, so be sure to inspect the structure for any signs of rot or termite damage before hosting your first summer get-together. Applying a good sealer will also help keep your deck looking pristine and protect it from weathering over time.

Furnace Inspection

Running the heat throughout the winter can put heavy wear on your furnace, which can cause some serious issues such as a deadly carbon monoxide leak. You should have your furnace inspected yearly to ensure your home is safe for your family and guests alike. Wiring, air filters and vent fans are all things that should be looked over when doing an inspection. Getting proper, yearly inspections has the added benefit of saving you up to 10 percent a year on heating costs, which means more money for summer fun.

Sell Your Maple Ridge Real Estate

As the summer is the prime time for moving, you may be planning to sell your home, in which case, completing these summer must-do tasks can help you boost your curb appeal and keep your home looking like new. Contact Maple Ridge Real Estate Specialist Ray Werger and get started on selling your home today.

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