Building a New Home in Maple Ridge

One of the best ways to start a family is to set them up in a nice new home in a great area. The trick, of course, is finding a place to build. You have to factor a lot of things into this decision, including job opportunities, recreation, shopping and entertainment venues, and much more. By reading this article, however, it seems that you’re at least interested in the prospect of moving to Maple Ridge, and if this is in fact the case, as a Maple Ridge Real Estate agent, I would love to talk to you.

Homes in Maple Ridge

For those thinking about building a new home in Maple Ridge, I’ve assembled the following short guide to help lay the groundwork on what should be a fun and enjoyable process.

Will My Family Like Maple Ridge?

While Maple Ridge does not have the big name attractions like in Vancouver, our cozy city is still a great place to live and, more importantly, to raise a family. Not only are there plenty of wonderful outdoor sights nearby, but Maple Ridge also has many of the added community amenities the average homeowner is looking for—namely, lots of shopping and restaurants in addition to a lively arts and entertainment scene, with a pretty good public school system as well. If you are looking for a single family home like the one in the image above, you’ll be presently surprised by the large lot sizes and family oriented communities.

Why a New Home?

Once you’ve settled on a destination for you and your family, it’s time to actually find a place. Here is where your options get a little more complicated. In the Maple Ridge area, there are a whole host of preexisting condos and houses, but what if you’ve always wanted a new home?

If you want to design a house to your dream specifications, this might just be the option for you. New homes also mean lower maintenance costs and new energy saving features that may not be available in preexisting models, making a new home in Maple Ridge a cost-effective move over time. There are many concerns, however, that need to be taken into account.

What’s Your Budget?

This is one of the most important considerations when trying to decide how to build a new home in Maple Ridge. If you don’t have your budget clearly realized from the start, you could be setting yourself up for some major headaches down the line.

Constructing a budget means a lot more than pooling together how much money you have. Obviously, you do need to take into account what exactly you can afford, but this is only after you’ve planned out the cost of the land, local taxes, engineering fees, general construction, the landscaping and the cost of everything that will actually go into the house.

What’s Next to Build a New Home in Maple Ridge?

Building a new home in Maple Ridge is not an easy task, but it can be made much more manageable and, dare I say, fun with just a little help—and that’s exactly what Maple Ridge Real Estate can provide. In addition to advising you on all the legal hurdles involved in home construction, I can also expose you to as many other residential options in the area as possible to make sure you’re getting a place you will genuinely love. Contact me today!

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