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I’ve lived and worked in Maple Ridge for 24 years, which means I have the inside track on the area’s best residential developments. If you’re thinking about moving to Maple Ridge, or relocating within the city, then an important first step is learning about the city’s best residential developments. Although Maple Ridge offers a number of premier developments, one of the ones you need to know about is exciting Trails Edge.

A scenic view and great homes make Trails Edge one of the best places to live in Maple Ridge. Learn more about the big advantages of living and Trails Edge, one of the best pieces of Maple Ridge real estate that you could hope to find.

Move to a Community with a Scenic View

When moving to a residential development, you want to make sure that the area surrounding your home provides a ton of natural beauty, and this is one of the main reasons I think you should seriously consider moving to Trails Edge.

Located atop a picturesque hillside, Trails Edge offers you a panoramic view of some of the city’s most beautiful forests and park lands. Although you’ll be living just moments away from the bustling town of Maple Ridge, it will feel like you’re living in the heart of nature, giving you the best of both worlds.

Big city access among beautiful natural scenery is a great reason to move to Trails Edge.

Choose a Uniquely Designed Home

Another important factor in choosing a residential development is the type of aesthetic provided by the exterior of the homes, and this is another area where I’m happy to report that Trails Edge delivers big advantages to home buyers like you.

The exterior of every home in Trails Edge provides a rustic, elegant design that you’ll have trouble finding in any other Maple Ridge development. Large patios, natural rail fences and stone columns are just a few of the many attractive design points you’ll get when you choose a home in Trails Edge.

Exterior design that continues to impress year after year makes Trails Edge a premier choice for Maple Ridge real estate.

Get Access to Great Interior Features

Last, but certainly not least, any residential development home that you choose should provide an interior packed with great features, and Trails Edge offers this in spades.

Walk into any of the beautiful homes in Trails Ridge and you’ll immediately notice the large windows that allow for bright natural lighting. In addition, spacious ceilings and an open floor plan give you all the room you need to live and grow. Finally, wood finishing and bronze hardware gives each home in Trails Ridge a unique style.

Moving to Trails Edge means getting a beautifully appointed interior that will bring your family a lot of joy.

Search for the Best Maple Ridge Real Estate

As you can see, Trails Edge is one of the top quality developments you could hope to find. With a great view and attractive interior and exterior design, Trails Edge is one of the best places to live in Maple Ridge. If you would like to find out more about why Trails Edge makes for fantastic Maple Ridge real estate, then you should get in touch with me, Ray Werger, at Maple Ridge Real Estate.

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