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When you’ve made the decision to move to a new city, one of the underrated necessities of your move is learning as much as you can about your new home. Primarily, you should familiarize yourself with the workings of the community, including the amenities and services provided. However, you should also attempt to learn about the unique history of your chosen home, how it came to be and how those early beginnings influenced the development of the city. Maple Ridge is one of the most interesting, inviting communities in all of Canada, possessing deep historical roots. My two decades of experience living and working in Maple Ridge affords me the unique opportunity to tell you a little bit about the community I love so much.

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Keep reading to learn about the town of Maple Ridge and find out how a Maple Ridge real estate agent, like myself, can facilitate your move to this excellent town.

The Story of Maple Ridge

From somewhat inauspicious beginnings, Maple Ridge has steadily grown to become one of the premier communities in the entire province. Initially founded in 1874 by a group of 50 settler families, Maple Ridge was uniquely positioned to be an economic center and a great place to raise a family. The town’s location on the Fraser River made it a stop on early transportation routes—an advantage that expanded even further with the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Since that time, Maple Ridge’s economy has ballooned to include areas such as technology, manufacturing and other useful industries.

Despite Maple Ridge’s long and interesting history as one of Canada’s most important cities, this is a town that is committed to progress, never content to rest on its laurels and always seeking to improve conditions for its residents, new and old alike.

Raising a Family in Maple Ridge

Although it could be considered a smaller community, Maple Ridge offers the educational access and opportunity that you would expect from a much larger city. Whether you have school aged children, or are planning on starting a family in the future, there is a great school to fit your child’s needs. Offering public, private and secondary schools, Maple Ridge is a city that is wholly dedicated to educating its children in the best way possible, helping them build a strong academic foundation that is guaranteed to set them on the course to future success. However, if you want even more educational choices, Maple Ridge is very close to the large city of Vancouver, meaning supreme access to the best academic institutions in the country.
If having access to the best schools possible is important when considering a new town, there is no better location to move to than Maple Ridge.

Community Involvement

Almost without exception, the clients that I talk to who are considering a move to Maple Ridge want to know about the city’s offerings for community involvement. Part of any great town is how it promotes a feeling of closeness among its citizens, and Maple Ridge is second to none in terms of community events.

For starters, every new resident of Maple Ridge should make it a point to visit the ACT Arts Centre, the community’s center of culture and art offers regular events across many artistic discipline. Secondly, for a taste of the area’s natural beauty, I would recommend a leisurely stroll along the Fraser Heritage River Walk. Finally, at the heart of maple ridge is my favorite spot in the entire city: The Memorial Peace Park & Bandstand. Memorial Peace Park features regular events hosted by the city that are suitable for all ages, offering the kind of fun and community involvement that marks a great town.

City Services

A central concern when moving to a new town is what kind of city services that you will have access to, and this is another area where I’m proud to say that Maple Ridge receives top marks. Almost everything you would want from your local governance is available when you move to Maple Ridge. Some of the most useful city services that you and your family will have access to include sewer and drainage services, options for garbage and recycling and convenient health and social services. For a city that is wholly committed to helping its citizens in whatever way they need, there is simply no beating Maple Ridge.

How to Have Fun in Your New Community

As previously mentioned, Maple Ridge offers its residents almost endless chances for involvement in the community. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. More than almost any other community I’ve seen, Maple Ridge provides its citizens with boundless chances for recreation. Outdoor lovers and weekend warriors will find a lot of chance for fun, in particular, as the city offers numerous convenient parks and trails. In addition, the Parks Department provides numerous programs for both children and adults, allowing them to stay active and have fun in a safe environment.

On top of all that, Maple Ridge citizens will have access to some of the finest dining and shopping one could hope to find. All encompassing recreation opportunities mark Maple Ridge as one of the premier communities in the entire province.

Job Access

Perhaps more than any other factor, the ability to find a job can be a major factor in moving to a new community. Maple Ridge strives to provide its residents with ample work opportunities. The Office of Economic Development seeks to grow the community in a way that is likely to lead to increased job access for all of its citizens. Whether you choose to work in Maple Ridge or nearby in Vancouver, you will be guaranteed to find the kind of great job that you need.

Partner with a Maple Ridge Realtor

Now that you’ve learned more about the community of Maple Ridge, you might be seriously considering a move here, and if so, then you need the help of a Maple Ridge real estate agent like me. I can help you find the right home at the right price that you and your family can become a part of the tight knit Maple Ridge community. Contact me today so that I can tell you why the only town you should consider moving to is Maple Ridge.

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